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I cant believe we are halfway through Season 1 of Coupled! Next week is already episode 6…wow?! So, I thought I would do a quick little recap of episodes 1-5 and share my unfiltered feelings regarding all thats happened thus far (and the stuff you DIDN’T SEE!!)

Episode 1 we meet Alex who ends up picking Lindsey. I’m a fan. This guy was hilarious from the start and I had no doubts I wanted to walk right for him. Such a cutie. We all got to spend way more additional time with Alex immediately after the first impression meetings. In our one-on-one conversation, I asked Alex how important God was in his life. He said he wasn’t a religious guy at all and wasn’t looking to change that. And that’s when we “friendzoned” it out. Having a Christ-centered relationship is of the utmost importance to me and he respected that. I instantly became his “wing-woman” and asked him how he was feeling about my hott roomie, Lindsey.  And we all know how that turned out! They are awesome together and seem to be a fan favorite.

Episode 2 we welcome Mr. Imari to the island. They showed the “pageant” that I put the poor kid through. I also asked him: “would you rather have the most stunning and gorgeous girlfriend in the world, but yet she doesn’t believe in God, or would you rather have the most unattractive girlfriend in the world who has a huge relationship with Jesus?” He said he would rather have a woman who believed in God because that’s the most important to him. And THAT’S WHY I walked right. Imari and I got along well but I was definitely shocked when he asked me to go to the villas with him! I for sure thought he was going to pick Talyah, TT, Dom over me. When Talyah got to the tiki bar after walking right she was seriously glowing. She even made a comment that she would “follow that man to Russia”… and it was that very comment that really changed everything for me for the rest of the show. I sat there in the tiki bar thinking, “well damn, THAT’S how I want to feel about my next bae. So I’m not gunna walk right until I feel THAT way.” My thoughts were interrupted by Imari’s decision to take Dom and I back to the villas. Shocked as I was, I embraced the opportunity and we all three had a decent time at the villas. When imari asked Dom to stay in the couples villas with him, I was thrilled.

Episode 3 is the SLIDE INTO THE DM’S episode when Imari sent me a text that he was second guessing his decision. GIRL CODE: I wanted to tell Dom right away, so I told her ASAP. None of us ladies at the bungalows really knew what was going down between Imari and Dom. Lindsey was texting me here and there but it wasn’t until Dom came back that following morning that I got to sit down with her in my room and get the full scoop! Our friendship was made stronger because of that scenario. We also meet BT in this episode who is GORGEOUS but I walked left for him. Why? I asked him (in true pageant form) “J-Lo, Beyonce or Carrie Underwood”… and he quickly said Carrie Underwood. And I ain’t no Carrie Underwood honey! I knew I was a little too Selena for this guy, so I walked left. I regret that I didn’t get more time to hear his story and had no idea he was an amputee until later on in the show. What an amazing man!!!!

Episode 4 Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. Ayyyyyyy papi…the butterflies were REAL. I loved how tall he was!!!!!!!! And we got along extremely well. All we did was laugh. And he was a fan of Selena!!! So, obviously I was into him. I can’t lie though… seeing him and TT together made me sort of melt. And that’s just all bad. They looked like they were made for each other and I totally felt like the third wheel. They were just so compatible. I remember at breakfast one morning, I felt like I was on their honeymoon or something. I was bummed but not surprised when he picked TT to stay at the villas. They are currently my favorite couple on the show!!!

Episode 5 TEAM  STEVEY! The ONLY reason I walked left for this gorgeous and sweet man was because he looks like a cousin of mine! Dating him would be like dating someone who wears the same cologne as your dad… you feel me?? Other than that, I was soooo shocked that no one else walked right for him. He was adorbs. Jeffrey was also great. I think the reason I walked left was because I had just come back from the villas with Brandon and was waiting for those butterflies again and I just didn’t feel them with Jeffrey. But that certainly doesn’t take away from the fact that he was extremely kind and charming. He looks like U-S-H-E-R –R-A-Y-M-O-N-D!!!! Can’t wait for you all to see what happens with this guy in the remaining episodes… IT GOES DOWWWWWWN AT THE VILLAS is all I can say!

Episode 6 BLOG UP NEXT!





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