Episode 6 – We meet Javier and all of us were impressed. I was one of the more excited of the group (obvi!!!) and I think for obvious reasons. We shared the same upbringing with our families and values and culture, etc. So of course I bidi bidi bom bom’d TO THE RIGHT. I really was hoping he was going to pick me, so when he didn’t I was bummed! I was really excited for Alyssa though because she was off to the villas! And after seeing how smitten he was with her, its no wonder he picked her! His selection of Alex made sense too because he said he needed a women to bring out the fun in him. And as we all know, Alex is all sorts of fun!

I also had no idea that Alex was talking so much smack about me. I had taken a big sister role with her for most of our time in Anguilia. (When she was down and out about BT, I was literally bringing her breakfast in bed, making sure she was fully stocked with chicken nuggets and cranberry juice to cheer her up, I mean I borrowed her shoes everyday… I totally thought we were more than cool.) It wasn’t until watching her say she’s funnier than me (I don’t think I’m funny…but ok) and that I have a big personality but hers is bigger, and that I have a little kitten voice.. and can we just have a moment for her little bloat session mocking the AYYYY PAPI and the fact that Javier didn’t pick me…I didn’t know her claws were already out at that point is all I can say. *sips tea* 

Also in this episode we say goodbye to Taylor. He was so funny and I wish I got to get more time to get to know him. I was happy for Ben and Lisa though. In the dating world, things like this can happen.

But CAN WE TALK ABOUT MICHELLE AND HER BABY AND BABY DADDY!!?!?!?  That was the most beautiful story to watch unfold, omg! I was crying soooo hard. I cried just as hard watching the episode.

NEXT WEEK WILL BE CRAZY!! If you’ve seen previews, you know what I’m talking about… And I cant wait to write about it immediately after. #JessicaRabbit #LetTheGamesBegin



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