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I’ve been putting off writing this because quite frankly, if I wrote this any sooner it would be coming from a place of “getting even” and I’m realizing there’s no need to do that- The insane amount of support I’m getting on social media alone is more than enough to do that for me!! I can’t thank you guys enough!! I wish I could respond to every single tweet, snap, Instagram comment, and Facebook comment. You all are amazing!!!!!

I’d rather just lay out the facts for you, and let time reveal the rest. The truth always has a way of surfacing anyways! It already is. So here’s what’s up.

In this episode we meet Tyler. Tyler is a 24 year old model living in Miami. In our first impression, I asked him “J-LO, Beyonce or Carrie Underwood?” (I did the same with a few of the guys, just to see what their ‘type’ was.) Tyler instantly blurted out “CARRIE UNDERWOOD!” (At which point I mentally retreated and accepted that I’m just not his type) but then he very quickly followed it with – “BUT IT’S BECAUSE SHE’S CHRISTIAN!” BINGO! When he said that, we totally hit it off. We shared our favorite Bible verses with one another and talked about what it’s like being a Christian in the entertainment industry. It was a really great first impression we shared and I’m extremely sad that this part of our conversation wasn’t shown. It was really the best first impression I had during the whole season with ANY of the men, even Javier.

Fast forward to the tiki bar where I was pretty sure he was going to pick Brittany and Alex, since they are both closer to his age, whereas I am 29. I figured that even though Tyler and I totally hit it off with our values and upbringing, that he would still want to give things a shot with the two women closer to his age. I even told Alex before he walked up that I could totally see them together and that I was really excited for her.

Time for Tyler to make his selections. First, he picked Alex. Duh. Wasn’t surprised. I was happy for her! But then, he picked me and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought, wow alright, don’t write things off just because of his age, don’t make excuses, just give things a shot!! He’s Christian and super cute!!

Our time at the trio villa was… interesting. Literally, not even a few hours into being there, Alex and I had that conversation in the bathroom while getting ready for dinner. You know the one: When Alex says, “let the games begin, Alicia”.. ring a bell? As you witnessed, Alex was letting me know that on a scale of 1-10, her feelings for Tyler were at a 20. My mind was blown. I was thinking, “how can you possibly be this amped for a guy we just met today?” and “This sounds familiar…she was just like this for BT, and hell will freeze over again if Tyler doesn’t pick her! Omg! And I don’t have any chicken nuggets!!”  (her medicine) and my other thought was, “is there something wrong with me, that I don’t get that hype for a guy until getting to know him extremely well???”

IMPORTANT: Within that conversation, I was NOT suggesting that the ONLY way for Alex to “win” would be if I backed off. THAT IS NOT what I was inferring at all, as Alex stated. Basically, I was feeling bad that she was so deeply in her FEELS for this guy, and that I wasn’t at all, and for THAT reason, I didn’t see the point in even trying to force those feelings to develop when she already had those feelings.

Lets also address something else here. Alex had these same intense feelings for BT. If you’ve been watching this whole season, you can recall the way she reacted when BT didn’t ask her to go to the villas with him. After that whole mess, Alex was defeated and pessimistic. She felt that there would be no other men coming to the island that were exactly her type in the way that BT was. (Remember how she cried in the Stevey episode because she felt like no more men were coming who were her type?)

But also…let’s not forget that she wasn’t happy about being at the villas with Ben (she actually HID from him while they were there after their conversation in the kitchen) and she definitely didn’t have the desire to be there with Javier either. So she didn’t fall in love with EVERY guy and declare them as “the one” as many are saying on social media. She didn’t cry like that for every single guy. She only did that for BT and Tyler. She’s just a very energetic and emotional person, which isn’t a bad thing at all, but it was just exhausting to be around at times, to say the least. Many of her COUPLED SISTERS 100% agree, but refuse to say it to her face, so I’m saying it here and will deal with their calls later, lol. Maybe.

BACK TO THE TRIO VILLAS AND THAT HOT TUB SCENE. If you recall, Tyler and I were having a conversation by ourselves at first and then Alex joined us a bit later, that’s because she was doing an OTF (On the Fly interview.) So when she was done, it was my turn for my OTF and THAT’S where I went, initially. After my hour long OTF I decided to go visit the couples villa and get some advice. I was there for maybe 20-30 mins after my OTF. I ALSO KNEW DANG WELL that Alex and Tyler were most likely making out. I mean HELLO I was born at night but not last night. You put two hott, young 20-somethings in a hot tub with strawberry daiquiris flowin’ and DUH, they are gunna make out. HELLER!!! And a part of me wanted that to happen so that Alex would be happy. I realize now how stupid that was. I considered her a little sister the whole time, while she considered me fake and competitive. I had no idea she felt this way until later. I feel so stupid for ever thinking I needed to help her and protect her. Clearly she can do that on her own, as I’ve learned. But, as I said, I was always there for Alex at the bungalows, even defending her with some of the other girls. I brought her breakfast in bed one time when she was really upset, and made sure there was always cranberry juice (her fave) leftover at breakfast. Even while AT the villas, Alex was often stressed out about getting ready because we were always so rushed, which was so annoying and I shared in that frustration with her, so, I always tried to get her to relax by doing my own hair and makeup so that the hair and makeup team could do hers. It wasn’t until towards the end of the season when one of the artists pulled me to the side and told me, “we aren’t just here for Alex ya know.. we can help you get ready too. This isn’t The Alex Show” that I finally started getting their help to get ready. I even remember helping her put her shoes on for her one day when we were really rushing to get ready. I catered to the girl! I really have no idea why I did all that. NOTE: I am not saying all this to make her sound like a little diva either. This is just the way she is and you actually learn to love and laugh at it all. Many of us couldn’t stand her in the very beginning but over time, we grew to like her unique ways and it sucks that this side of our “friendship” wasn’t shown. Truth is, I was happy to do all these things for her because I considered her a friend. But little did I know…


At the couples villas, everyone was soooo sweet with their advice to turn it UP and really try things out with Tyler rather than giving up because of Alex. So that’s what I did. I just wish everything hadn’t happened the way it did when I went back to my room.

So here’s how it REALLY happened: I get back and Alex is blow drying her hair and getting ready for bed. I ask her how everything went with Tyler and if they kissed and how she was feeling about it- as I would with any friend after she hangs out with her bae. With a guilty look on her face she said they made out for a pretty long while in the hot tub and that she reallllllly liked him even more now. In Alex’s defense, I suppose we have all been there, where we just meet someone and kiss and the butterflies are wild and crazy. So in a way, I got it, but I wanted to remind her that they literally just met hours before, and to sloooowwwww the heck down. I wasn’t mad whatsoever, just concerned by her rapidly developed feelings- I remind you all that I left them alone knowing full well that would happen. (I didn’t know their make-out session ended with her legs wrapped around him in the shower though, lol!!! Tyler eventually came clean and told me the next day.) But, in walks Tyler. I felt like the “big” at the sorority, trying to get the frat boy out of the sorority house so that I could keep talking to my “little.” Hashtag sigma phi alpha kakapoopoo.

Things blew up way more than they needed to. I should not have said those things while Tyler was standing right there. I regret that Tyler was standing right there. I wish he wasn’t. But I still would’ve said the same exact things to Alex even if he wasn’t. You guys, if my actual real life little sister was behaving the way Alex was for a man, I would be putting her in her place, too. Especially if I recognized patterns in her behavior, like falling super hard and fast for someone she just met, and all that crying, etc.

She was acting like the victim because they kissed and thought I was mad about it. She said, “you two should totally make out if you want to!” I felt like we were in high school and that’s probably why I resorted to communicating the way that I did. But to say that IIIIIIII made her look like a stage 5 clinger is insane. That wasn’t all me… and I have the receipts to prove it.

The next day we all had breakfast together. Tyler and I ate the food that I made, but Alex didn’t. She only eats very specific foods – I don’t think she even wanted the fruit during breakfast, I remember Tyler mentioning that it bothered him.

After breakfast Tyler and Alex left for their date. Tyler shared with me how before their date, he was pretty sure he was going to pick Alex because they had indeed kissed the night before, had a lot in common, and he didn’t like the way I called her out in front of him. But once we went on our date and we connected on many levels that didn’t require being physical whatsoever, he changed his mind completely and realized who I really was. We really got to know each other and it was awesome. Tyler and I both said that it was the best first date that either of us had ever been on. Yet, all that was shown was me asking how long their make out session was and him lying about it. LOL. We both looked pretty bad there. But what wasn’t shown was how much we laughed and talked about sooooo much more. We really clicked. He told me what he liked about my personality, and I told him what I was learning about his. I told him how I was impressed that someone his age had so much knowledge and wisdom on important topics. We quoted movies throughout the whole thing too which was a major bonus. It was just an all around awesome time and I think that’s where everything changed for the both of us. It’s a shame none of the more substantial parts of our conversation made the final cut. It just looks like he picked me because of physical attraction which is terrible and untrue and no woman deserves to be pursued simply because of the way she looks. So, see Tyler’s comments below:


Allow me to point out that the common thread/foundation of my whole entire blog is INNER BEAUTY. The heart of a person,  their selflessness, KINDNESS, personality and everything else that makes up INNER BEAUTY is what matters. That’s what matters the most to me! Scroll through any and all of my social media and you will quickly see that this is what I’ve ALWAYS been all about and have always promoted. I even help run a little Miss Inner Beauty pageant for crying out loud. But does this mean I shouldn’t care about the way I look? ABSOLUTELY NOT and I REFUSE to feel guilty for wearing my Jessica Rabbit dress or anything else that makes me feel sexy, for that matter. I refuse to ever accept being bullied for the way I dress. When you feel good, you look good and vice versa.

Can we talk about THAT RED DRESS THOUGH? I love it. I think it’s sexy and classy. IMPORTANT: I was highly encouraged by MANY to wear that dress.

As we all know, at the decision ceremony, Tyler decided to ask me to stay with him and I was really excited about it. But at the same time, I was also really upset for Alex because I knew how much she wanted him to pick her. I insisted that I get to go outside and talk to her before she left. And I did.  Of course this wasn’t shown on the show, was it? (See pic below) She sat there and said, “you don’t need to do this” to which I responded, “I can’t enjoy this without knowing you’re going to be ok. And you’re going to be ok!” I was crying.


Alex heads back to the bungalows more distraught than ever before, and is very well received and comforted by some of her “COUPLED SISTERS.” Yes, that scene bothered me a little because it looks as though they all were against me. But, I’ve had some pretty extensive conversations with most of them about that scene, and that wasn’t the case at all. I suppose they did what you’re supposed to do when you see a gf hysterically crying. And I loved what Dom said: as women we need to STOP blaming “the other woman!”

Even though I thought Alex’s tears in that moment were a little over the top, I probably would’ve tried comforting her too, per usual. I hope she realizes how lucky she is to have had everyone soothing her and and making sure she was going to be ok, not just then, but from the moment we all arrived in Anguila. I wonder if her super young age had something to do with that, but like I said, even I wanted to make sure she was going to be ok. I didn’t want to see another heartbreak like I saw with BT!  As you saw in previews for next week, I even text Alex the next day to check in on her. Apparently this pissed her off even more. But hang on a minute here… didn’t she get upset that Kristin DIDN’T text her to check on her when she was there with BT??

Let’s recall the way she treated Kristin for NOT texting her when she was at the villas with BT and got the bungalow girls to sympathize with her and semi- agree with her… I very clearly remember a moment off camera where I say to Alex, “Kristin loves you. She planned your whole surprise birthday party, remember?? Try to focus on that, and not that fact that she didn’t text you. Now’s your chance to prove how mature you are for your age.” To which she responded, “so you think I’m being immature?” – I WISH I WOULD’VE SAID YES. But instead, I didn’t want to rock the boat and further upset her (seems to be a common theme) so I said nothing. And I feel like many of us did that with her- a lot- we babied her because she was the youngest one blah blah blah. Not just the cast members, but also the production STAFF included were always wanting to appease her and keep her happy, OR ELSE. It’s a little ridiculous thinking back on it just how much so many of us went above and beyond to keep Alex happy.

Switching gears, I continue to be blown away with how cute TT and Brandon are together! i love the way they overcame that minor bump in the road after yoga. They are my favorites! I love the way BT looks at Ashley. Lisa and Ben always make me laugh and have so much fun. I love how much Linds and Alex laugh together.  Things are going great, but will it stay that way???? You gatta keep watching…

So there you have it. Sorry it took so long to post this extra long post but I wanted it to be written from a place of peace rather than emotion, and to say EVERYTHING (hence it’s length) so that I can close this chapter once and for all.

Coupled will be back July 19 with all new episodes! Thank you all for the overwhelming support! I normally don’t feed into the whole #TeamAlicia vs #TeamAlex thing because I want everyone to just move on and get along but y’all have just been going IN on the support and defending me so I gatta give it up for you squad!! I’m blown away and deeply touched!!! Thank you guys so much for watching and supporting!!

In the words of Jessica Rabbit:  “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” 😉


Alicia “Jessica Rabbit” Blanco



  1. I’m so glad to finally read your side of things. I already thought Alex seemed like a combination of a couple of manipulative/selfish girls I’ve met in college, and she sounds even worse to an extent. Just because people cater to her antics doesn’t make her personality ok in my opinion. The only silver lining is that when her unnecessary anger inevitably lashes out at anyone in her support group they’ll realize who she really is. It was refreshing to know you were able to talk to some of the “coupled sisters” and figure things out because I thought that was the worst part of everything that happened in that episode. I hated how Alex started a teamalex to gang up on you. She seems like a bully to me, and I just can’t continue to watch this show because of her.


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my longggg blog 🙂 and for everything you said! It means a lot to me!! yeah, there are always three sides to every story! I can admit where I was wrong, others can’t. It is what it is!


  2. I have the whole series recorded because I haven’t had a minute to catch it! But I just had to read this blog post because I just love you so. You have always been an amazing woman since the day you cam into my families lives. You always ask about others, it’s never about you. You love and support with so much umph! (<– however you spell that) to all you know, wether its an acquaintance, BFF, or even an old friend departed. I love your inner spirit and I can't wait to see all that you accomplish in life! xoxo Lizzy


    • Omg Liz!!! You just made me smile so, so big. Thank you for everything you just said- it actually made me emotional!!! What a blessing you are! I pray you and your boys are doing awesome. They are soooo stinkin’ cute and I love seeing them grow. God has really blessed you! I hope u enjoy the show. Let me know if you have annnnny questions lol or if you need me to essplain! Haha 🙂


  3. I am glad to hear a more in depth version of what happened. I know that television likes to show the worst side of people. I must say if that is the worst side of you, you are an amazing and beautiful girl! I am glad that you look into a man’s moral background and not just his physical! God will use you Alicia in so many great ways when you allow him to. You are a great inspiration to knowing women can be Godly, beautiful, classy and still have a voice to speak truth. I do believe the show manipulated filming and made each one of you look out of character. If I were in your shoes I would have spoken with Alex as well, the truth hurts but Alex will be fine.


    • Thank you Megan! I can’t tell you enough just how much I appreciate everything you said. Also, for taking the time to read my super long post, thank you!! I had a lot to say and I’m so relieved to get it off my chest once and for all. 🙂 God is working in my life and i am overjoyed to talk about it! Blessings chica! 🙂 May God use you today and always!


  4. Omg what a story!!!! I really appreciate the time you took to write about what happened. You and Tyler look perfect together and i want you guys to try your very best to make it work. Love
    A true fan ❤❤❤❤


  5. Great to hear your side. Really thought you were a beautiful soul until last weeks edit. But as an avid reality tv watcher, I know that the edit can make things worse than they seem. I definitely wasn’t sure why you made the decision to say those things in front of Tyler although nothing you said was wrong or a lie. But I know everyone is human and in retrospect you saw that it wasn’t the best decision. I do want to ask because of course the edit only shows what’s good for ratings, did you say that to Alex ? Did you formally apologize to her for that because the apology that was shown was more of saying “sorry you felt that way” and not actually admitting that you were wrong for your actions, that you made a mistake. I don’t know for me there is a major difference in those two apologies. Anyways just wondering because I don’t think any of you are bad people and I would hope that if you did that she would learn to forgive you. Truth hurts sometimes though and that’s real.


    • thank you for watching! Yes, I had sent several texts apologizing to Alex, as well as several texts to the girls back at the bungalows asking “is she ok? how is she?? thinking of her!! praying!” and no one was responding to me. Did you catch the nofilter aftershow footage? Brittany blatantly said “Alicia text me and I am not responding!” but yes to answer your question, I absolutely tried several times to apologize. 🙂


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