Hola! I’m Alicia and I’m extremely passionate about making people HAPPY through random acts of kindness and the pay it forward movement. Unfortunately, we live in a world where depression exists and not many are talking about it. I want to encourage a wave of random acts of kindness that will manifest into one huge movement in how we tackle and conquer depression, mental illness and addiction altogether.

I believe that starting a wave of good deeds can truly save lives simply by changing the direction of someone’s day and making them feel seen, heard and loved. Often times it is because there is an extreme LACK of receiving a kind gesture in our daily lives that can eventually build up and lead to depression, and/or trigger someone with a diagnosed mental illness or addiction.

And as a former Miss Arizona USA, I strive to maintain a unique spin as a pageant “coach”; because I also offer lifestyle coaching for people who just need to find their INNER BEAUTY and happiness. And with such a huge wave of trendy beauty blogs that exist everywhere these days, I’m happy to say that not only can I teach you all about the best beauty products around, but that I can also work with you on glamming up your mind and heart, too.

I have over 10 years of personal experience in social work with a concentration on family studies, mental illness and depression. I graduated from Arizona State University where I studied broadcast journalism and family studies.

I know what it takes to feel your very best on camera, on stage, in public speaking settings and in your day-to-day activities. Life is meant to be beautiful. Share your story below and help the wave grow bigger!

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