The Inner Beauty Nail Polish Collection

by: Alicia M. Blanco

This is so exciting! After meeting and working with some amazing at-risk youth for the Miss Inner Beauty Pageant, I felt really inspired by them. As you know, I am a huge fan of The Secret, the law of attraction, vision boards, words of affirmation, and all that jazz!

Sooo, I collaborated with Super Star Nail Lacquer and got to name FOUR colors!

The names I chose in this collection are positive words of inner beauty traits and affirmations – (because the words we say are so powerful!) ((how many times have you heard me say that by now?)).

We have:
– “I Am Happy” – Pink
– “I Am Bold” – Purple
– “I Am Creative” – Blue
– “I Am Confident” – Red

So whenever someone asks you, “what color is that?” your response will have to be, “I Am HAPPY”, “I Am BOLD”, “I Am CONFIDENT” or “I Am CREATIVE”… #boom

And, when you have your nails done and you’re feeling good, you will glance down and remind YOURSELF that you carry one of those inner beauty traits with you.

All of the proceeds from your purchase will go towards funding next year’s Miss Inner Beauty Pageant.

Also, just so you know, these little girls are feeling pretty cool knowing there are nail polishes out there that are being named after them… #cute

***(This collection is DBP, formaldehyde and tolune free) – Aka 3-FREE… Aka not bad for you. ;)*** Products are vegan friendly and toxic free.

Thanks for the support!!

UPDATE: From the initial post date, we sold out of our polishes and made amazing profit for this years pageant. If you are one of my customers and supporters, THANK YOU for supporting inner beauty and words of affirmation!