Split Waves on THE DRESS

by: Lisa Blanco Matthews


O.K. so this whole #TheDress debate, or whatever it is, actually really annoyed me at first. I apparently missed the entire thing due to a thrilling Phoenix Suns overtime win over Oklahoma City Thunder last night (that’s in other news).

Therefore, when my sister, Alicia, asked me to write something about it #ForTheBlog, I was completely lost to say the least. “A dress? The color? What about it? How did I miss something when you’re the one in Dubai with limited WiFi.” I digress.

After extensive research and digging deep…REAL DEEP… I found that there actually is a great message behind this entire white, gold, blue, black ‘debate.’ Yes my friends, there issomething worthwhile here. Let’s get philosophical.

You may be choosing a side or color here, and it may stir up a heated conversation amongst co-workers, friends or spouses. Maybe you just CAN’T AGREE because CLEARLY the dress is white and gold! AMIRIGHT?

Well, whatever color you may see it’s all about PERSPECTIVE to me. You see what you want to see. It’s your RETINA, your DEPICTION…it’s YOUR OPINION.

I believe YOU choose what to get out of it. You’re in control. If you see blue and black then that’s what it is…stand by it. That’s the beauty here. It’s not about finding the actual color out of this mystery dress, it’s about ACCEPTING if someone’s view is COMPLETELY different than yours. And that’s O.K.

So can we agree to disagree on this and continue our conversation about AZ’s finest…llamas?

ALS Bucket Challenge

by: Alicia M. Blanco


I have a confession to make. Up until two days ago I had NO idea what the now famous “ALS Ice bucket challenge” was…. and I didnt even know what ALS stood for! All I knew was, based on social media, it was suddenly the “it” thing to do… and yet I had no idea why.. I just kept seeing videos popping up of people pouring water on their heads and then challending three or more additional people to follow their lead and do the same… And because I’m not one to jump on bandwagons very easily (like those dumb email chains that tell you that you’ll have bad luck for seven years if you don’t forward it to ten peope).. I sort of filed the ALS challenge into the same category.

I will say that I was totally impressed that it became such a huge wave on social media though!! J-Lo, George W. Bush, Lebron James, Taylor Swift are just a FEW of the celebrities who also participated. Like I always say, it just takes one person and an idea to start something BIG. Millions of dollars and TONS of awareness big.

So then I got challenged. And that’s honestly when I began my “research” to see what exactly I was being challenged into doing. Here is what I read.

I learned it was to raise money for Lou Gehrig’s disease which is also known as ‘amyotrophic lateral sclerosis’…(aha…. so THAT’S what ALS stands for)…and why didnt they just call it the “LGD ice bucket challenge”? – because I’m pre-tty sure more people are familiar with the words ‘Lou Gehrigs disease’ anways but that’s none of my business…


I think it’s great that we’re all coming together for a good cause. All It took was one person and then BAM, more and more people started to ride the wave too.. AND LOOK HOW HUGE OF A WAVE ITS BECOME!!!

If I was going to do it, I would totally do it Charlie Sheen style. Homeboy straight up dumped a bucket of CASH over his head instead of water. Brilliant. He even said “let’s face it, ice will melt… but this money is going to actually help people.” HOLLER!! Such a good idea. If you havent seen it, check it out HERE.

Obviously it was only a matter of time until all the memes and GIFs starting popping up making fun of our country for wasting so much water while other countries are in dire need for it. #merica #charity So, good job Mr. Sheen. In this case you are in indeed #winning

So those are my thoughts! People are so funny on social media these days. Things are so trendy and hot topic-ishy until something more trendy comes along. And in the case of charities, i’m allllll for trending the pooh out of charity! I just hope theres a genuine heart in all the ice bucket participants. I worry that many partake in the challenge just so they will have content to post on their instagrams and facebooks. I hope I’m wrong!

Do your research. Read about the causes that you want to serve, promote and advocate!

Here’s just a few of the charities I love, support and have worked (or still work) for in LA and AZ:

Chances for Children
Go Red for Women
Susan G. Komen
Miss Inner Beauty
Andre House
Adopt-a-Family program

And honestly there’s like a zillion more. I’m a bit of a charity-addict. That’s why I support The Unite4Good Foundation which supports and celebrates ALL of these and more as a collective team and effort.